Winstrol description, recommendations for use, sale of the drug – Cipla


Winstrol description, recommendations for use, sale of the drug - Cipla Anabolic Steroids

Winstrol: description, recommendations for use, sale of the drug – Cipla

Winstrol Steroid: characteristics, action, solo courses and

combined administration, dosage, side effects. Here you buy at a bargain price one

of the most popular preparations for drying.

Winstrol is one of the most sought-after steroids on the market, actively used by bodybuilders to conduct powerful drying courses. However, this anabolic is used in other sports disciplines.

So, for weightlifters and lifters, it is one of the basic means for increasing power parameters. Winstrol is also popular among cyclical sports. This is due to its ability to actively increase endurance.

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Winstrol features, action and effect descriptions

Power parameters and endurance quickly increase.

It has strong fat burning properties.

Strengthens the appetite.

Accelerates the process of disposing of excess fluid.

Improved body relief.

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The drug is based alpha pharma alphabol reviews on the active ingredient Stanozolol. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Recall, this substance is the most powerful androgen in the human body.

Steroid Winstrol – water suspension of stanase. For the first time the drug was created in the early sixties. Western athletes began to actively use this AAS back in the eighties. After the pharma market appeared in our country thanks to the Internet, domestic athletes also had the opportunity to use the steroid Winstrol.

The drug has strong anabolic properties. In this indicator, it surpasses the male hormone 3.2 times. Despite its nature, Stanozolol turned out to be a weak androgen – no more than 30% of testosterone.

Also in the description of the drug Winstrol should indicate that the half-life of Winstrol is short and put injections to be every day.

Winstrol Potential Side Effects

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Winstrol is one of the safest AAS. However, this statement is primarily true only for men. Athletes can use stanase in pills, but not in injections.

The fact is that Winstrol shows greater androgenic activity in the body compared to oral stanozolol. As a result, virilization risks are high. Since the steroid does not possess progestogenic activity and is not capable of aromatization, this guarantees the absence of estrogenic side effects on the course. As for androgenic negative effects, they are quite rare. Most often this is observed when using large doses, so the correct dosage of Winstrol is especially important.

Winstrol description, recommendations for use, sale of the drug - Cipla Anabolic Steroids

The most serious problem athletes may face when using Winstrol is the increased risk of injury. This is due to the active utilization of fluid from the body. As a result, the joints can be drained, which increases the risk of injury.

However, this is only possible on solo courses, if the builder uses Winstrol in large quantities. Most athletes prefer to conduct combined courses. If you combine injectable Stanozolol with flavored AAS, for example, Testosterone Propionate, then you can not be afraid of their joints.

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Also, some athletes often in their responses note the appearance of strong muscle spasms. This can cause breakage of the fibers.

Winstrol Solo Course

Most often, the steroid is used during the drying period, when it comes to bodybuilding. The recommended single dose of Winstrol is 50-100 mg. As we said above, it is desirable to give injections every day. If you put injections in a day, it will be difficult to maintain a steady hormonal background due to the short period

Since this is one of the safest AAS on the modern market, it is not necessary to use auxiliary medical preparations on its solo course. Some athletes are confident that after using light AAS, you can do without PCT. We strongly advise against ignoring rehabilitation therapy.

When Winstrol is canceled, take Clomid (50 mg each day) or Tamoxifen (25 mg daily) for 2–3 weeks. Thanks to these antiestrogens, you will help your body recover faster, and therefore you can start a new anabolic course earlier.

Winstrol combination features

There are no restrictions on the choice of drugs for combined courses. Winstrol can be combined perfectly with both injectable and preformed tablets AAS. We have already said that in bodybuilding steroid is most often used during the drying period. That is why most bodybuilders prefer to use anabolic steroids with high fat burning effect on the body.

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An excellent example of such a course can be a bunch of Winstrol-Trenbolone Acetate. This course can only be conducted by experienced athletes, since tren has great power. The scheme of use of drugs is as follows:

Course duration is 1.5 months.

Winstrol enter daily 50 mg.

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The frequency of use of Acetate is every third day, and a single dose is 75 mg.

To eliminate the negative properties of the simulator, enter Cabergolin course.

3-4 days after the abolition of anabolic steroids, start a PCT. For four weeks, take 50 mg of Clomid each day.

Athletes of average or slightly below the level of training can also conduct combined courses with injecting Stanozolol. Clenbuterol-Winstrol can be a great example here. When using this bundle the risks of developing side effects will be minimal.

The pattern of stanase injections is similar to the procedure described above. Acceptance of maple begins on the second day with a daily dose of 40 micrograms. Then daily increase the amount of the drug by 20 mg. As a result, on the 6th day of the course the daily dose should be 120 mcg. Take so many maple until the 27th day inclusive.

Then you need to gradually reduce to the complete abolition of the fat burner. Also starting from the 5th day of the course, you have to use Ketotifen in the amount of 2 mg. Duration of use of drugs is 1 month.

In conclusion, we note that Winstrol steroid is often used in the final stage of powerful mass-recourse courses. Due to this, athletes minimize the effect of a rollback and make the exit from the course smoother.

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