The principle of action and composition of the drug…


The principle of action and composition of the drug...

The principle of action and composition of the drug Viagra, the rules of use for improving erection
Properties and indications for the use of the drug Viagra, what effect the agent has on the male body, the rules of reception for an effective result.

Viagra: mechanism of action, instructions for use

Impaired potency is a common problem associated with diseases of the urogenital system or psycho-emotional overstrain. Often Viagra or Viagra Forte is often taken to restore erections and arousal. Men use it at different ages to restore sexual function. It is important do bodybuilders drink alcohol to strictly follow the instructions to the drug and the recommendations of the doctor to avoid negative consequences for the body.

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  • Action on the body
  • Contraindications
  • Precautionary measures
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Composition and properties

The main active ingredient that contains such drugs is sildenafil, which is a potent ingredient that leads to relaxation of smooth muscles and increase its elasticity. This leads to increased blood flow to the genital area. Due to this, persistent erection appears, the problem of premature ejaculation disappears and the duration of sexual intercourse increases.

The release form is a tablet, coated on top with a shell, having three sizes: 25, 50 or 100 mg. The cost of one tablet weighing 25 mg starts from 721 rubles per unit. Country of origin – USA.

The original tool comes in a diamond shape with a blue shell, in the center of the tablet there is an inscription Pfizer. The edges of each product are cut. It is necessary to know to avoid the acquisition and use of fake drugs.

The active ingredient of the drug increases the level of sensitivity of the nerve endings localized in the genitals, accelerates blood circulation in the body due to an increase in blood pressure. Due to this, a persistent erection appears, which lasts about 3 hours.

The tablets contain other components:

  • calcium phosphate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose.

The use of this tool for men can only temporarily strengthen an erection, but not eliminate the causes of the pathology of the reproductive system.

The action of Viagra tablets is to stimulate the dilation of the arteries and parallel the narrowing of the veins. This allows you to achieve enhanced blood flow to the genitals, while simultaneously reducing its outflow, which leads to prolonged erection. During the period of the drug, a person does not experience inconvenience or discomfort in other parts of the body.

Viagra is a drug to increase male potency.


Instructions for use reports that the use of Viagra is required for violations of erectile function, arising on the background of nervous experiences, stagnation in the urinary system and other non-acute diseases. It is important to note that sexual stimulation must be present in order for the result of the medication to appear. Without it, arousal may not occur at all.

This drug is used for men orally before meals. To increase its alphabolin effectiveness and speed of appearance of the result, it is recommended to drink the drug on an empty stomach. Usually used tablets in the amount of 50 mg. They are taken 45 minutes before the start of the alleged intimate relationship. Due to the fact that the effect lasts up to 4 hours, a man can perform several sexual acts. But the exact dosage is determined based on the individual parameters of the body and the causes of impaired sexual function.

What experts advise in terms of using the drug Viagra, what is its use and dose. Per day you can not drink more than 100 mg of the drug, and only a doctor should prescribe and change the dosage to older men. This is due to the influence of the drug on the work of the cardiovascular system. Self-dosage increase can seriously harm the body.

Proper use of Viagra will lead to the desired result – to increase male power.

Action on the body

After taking, the signs of a violation of potency are eliminated, but only for a certain time. Because of this, the drug is not suitable for a complete treatment. Once Viagra has been taken, its active ingredients immediately begin to be absorbed into the blood.

To speed up the appearance of an erection is required to observe the following recommendations. Drinking Viagra tablets to increase potency only on an empty stomach. This will allow the active substance to quickly get into the circulatory system and begin to act on the body. However, when a man previously took some food, the effect of the medication appears in about an hour. For a better assimilation of Viagra in the digestive system, it is recommended to drink the tablets with a glass of clean water.

It is important to consider that the effect of using the medication for the appearance of an erection depends on a number of factors. The active ingredient sedenafil is perceived differently by the body of each man.

The duration of the drug on the reproductive system depends on the following indicators:

  1. Total weight
  2. Body type
  3. In what condition is the digestive tract.
  4. Age.

On average, the duration of the observed effect of a dose of 50 mg is 4 hours. In addition, the peak of excitement is observed after 2 hours of action, and then there is a decrease in the effect of Viagra on the potency of a man.

Negative adverse reactions of the body are manifested by the following symptoms:

  • pain in the muscles, joints, and abdomen;
  • The principle of action and composition of the drug...
  • nausea and diarrhea;
  • sleep problems best bodybuilding videos;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • malfunction of the prostate gland;
  • asthenia;
  • impaired breathing;
  • reduced color perception;
  • skin rashes;
  • conjunctivitis.

How does Viagra work


Like other causative agents of sexual function, Viagra has a number of contraindications to use. They are due to the development of side effects. Men who have dysfunctions of the urogenital system or other pathologies should use the tool with special care.

Contraindications to receive funds are:

  • hypersensitivity of the body to the components that are present in the composition of the drug.
  • the use of any medications that contain nitrates. The interaction of the latter with Viagra in the body leads to a sharp decrease in the level of blood pressure;
  • diseases or severe liver dysfunction;
  • taking drugs containing PDE-5 inhibitors. The joint use of such funds with Viagra does not allow to predict the reaction of the body, since clinical trials have not been conducted.
  • age less than 18 years.

In addition, the instructions for the drug indicate the state where the medication should be coordinated with your doctor.

These are the following situations:

  1. Pathological features of the structure of the genital organ of congenital or acquired nature, when the blood circulation in the penis is disturbed.
  2. Diseases associated with priapism.
  3. Leukemia
  4. Myeloma.
  5. Ulcer in acute form.
  6. Thrombotsetemiya.
  7. Heart pathologies, as well as other disorders of the cardiovascular system, even those previously present. This is especially true of persons who have had a heart attack, stroke or an attack of angina.

In the presence of such situations, even a single use of the minimum dose of Viagra should occur after obtaining the approval of the doctor.

Do not rely in the use of such tools on the reviews of other people about its use. This is due to the individual susceptibility of the organism to the active component of Viagra.

When the agent is applied in an excessive amount, negative manifestations may occur.

We list them:

  • redness of the skin.
  • bouts of dizziness and headache.
  • appearance of nosebleeds.
  • tachycardia and a sharp increase in blood pressure.
  • problems with the digestive process.
  • convulsions.

While taking Viagra, a number of contraindications must be considered.

Precautionary measures

The joint use of Viagra with alcohol is prohibited in order to avoid a significant reduction in the effectiveness of the active substances of the drug after drinking alcoholic beverages. After taking the medication, an erection may not occur at all. It is important to take into account the state of the cardiovascular system, because sildenafil influences the intensity of blood circulation and the level of blood pressure.

You can not often use the drug, as it is addictive. This leads to the fact that in the future without taking the drug it becomes difficult to achieve an erection. The elimination of such a disorder requires complex treatment. Viagra should not be used more than 1 time per day to avoid an overdose, which is fraught with negative consequences for the body. It is recommended to take breaks of several days.

Using Viagra allows you to achieve persistent erection of the penis for up to 4 hours. The effect appears due to an increase in blood pressure and blood flow to the testabol pelvic area. But it is important to take into account contraindications, clearly observe the dosage and precautions to prevent the development of negative consequences.


How do Viagra pills affect male potency?

The principle of action and composition of the drug...

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