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EHS Software Modules


Safety Management

Documents safety activities such as job assessments and helps keep up with safety audits.

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Tracks activities related to FMLA cases including all case-level incidents.

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Automatically generates state-required First Reports of Injury and the OSHA 300, 300-A and 301 incident report.

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Workers' Comp Case Management

For proactively managing cases, so that employees recover and return to work.

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Keeps track of training classes and attendees for following employee progress.

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Drug Screening

Documents each step in the drug testing process from visit to MRO findings.

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OSHA Management

Identifies recordable incidents by comparing injury type and treatments to OSHA’s recording criteria.

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Medical Surveillance

Schedules and tracks testing for all programs, including hearing, respiratory, laser and lead.

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Medfiles.OHS® is an Occupational Health & Safety Management Software.

This software was built by a company that has more than 30 years of experience in occupational health settings. Professionals at Medcor, a health navigation and clinical services firm,  began using Medfiles at worksite clinics for data collection, reporting and trend analyses in 1993. User experience has been central to the design and ongoing development of Medfiles. Today, thousands of users have been empowered to manage worker’s comp, regulatory compliance and OSHA reporting thanks to Medfiles.

Medfiles is a SaaS/cloud-based technology, built on the Microsoft .net/Web 2.0 technologies. Medfiles has two hosting facilities that serve as mirror image backups, not only for redundancy, but also for security and data integrity. Medfiles can interface with any other ODBC-compliant database and with Microsoft Office programs. Data can be exported from Medfiles to other file formats, and it uses Crystal Reports as its built-in report engine.

Installation and Tech Support

Because Medfiles is a cloud-based SaaS software application, installation and setup are rapid and easy. Medfiles clients are supported by dedicated in-house IT professionals to provide customer service.



Medfiles customizes each installation to the user’s specifications. Users can add new data fields to collect information specific to their needs. Employee demographics can be imported from any ODBC-compliant database.



Medfiles’ operation is governed by confidentiality. All work-related and non-work-related information is separated as required by law.  Non-work-related personal medical data is only accessible to appropriately authorized individuals.  Medfiles is HIPAA compliant.


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