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Medfiles software was developed in the field by health & safety professionals who use the software and share the goals of improving care, ensuring compliance & lowering costs. Medfiles.OHS presents a centralized and standardized software solution for managing workplace health and safety data. Medfiles.OHS helps thousands of users navigate the requirements of regulatory compliance and the complexities associated with OSHA.

Why Medfiles.OHS® for your EHS Software?

In 1993, Medfiles software was first implemented at on-site occupational health clinics. User needs specific to workplace health and safety were central to the development and evolution of this software since then. Today, hundreds of on-site clinics successfully use the latest version of Medfiles for data collection, reporting and trend analyses critical to workers’ comp management and regulatory requirements.

Medfiles.OHS® offers over 30 years experience!

Implemented in over 200 locations in the US alone!

What Our Users Say

EHS Software Testimonials

I needed this OSHA Management software to track all work-related incidents.
This has been so helpful in many ways!

Safety Manager

Features I use include tracking audiometric tests, respirator fit tests and vaccinations (Hep B, Tdap and flu), as well as documenting injury care and managing return to work.

On-site Clinic Nurse

We started using Medfiles as a fast way to document our incidents and found it helps our team

be more complete and standardized in our reporting.

First Responder

This reporting software is very customizable and user friendly.
It is easy to navigate and has saved me tons of time.

HR Director
Medfiles provides rapid setup and installation, dedicated customer support and intuitive design for ease of use.
Phone: 1.855.412.6866
Itasca, IL 60143